Finally, my finances are coming together.

Literally, I’ve never really stuck with a budget. I had my last hooray, got some new school digs, and a nifty fifty for my good ol’ Nikon, but I put some cash money in my savings, and put all the money I can spend per week while paying my bills and continuing to save, I’m proud of myself, really proud for sticking to my guns. Dealing with a shopping addiction is not eay, and I’m not perfect, whatsoever. I just have to take it one step at a time and take the good with the bad. Thank God for technology honestly, if I didn’t have all my finance apps and calendars, I would be literally broke, maybe even bankrupt (God forbid), I am lucky though, compared to most people and what they have to go through each day and that is what I have to remind myself each day is how lucky I am.