Fooling around with the fat girl…

This was such an eye opening post. I feel that no matter shape or size you are you deserve to be loved and pleased just like everyone else. Every woman no matter what size, deserves to feel sexy. I am so pleased with this post, please read!

As a plus size woman living in a world where fatness is still seen as an oddity, the stigma of fat bodies as being everything but desirable still remains. People try their damnedest to disarm fat women of their sexuality, regarding it as a joke or as a fetish – in my book, that’s not okay. Believing what I had been taught by society, my experiences of being in the bedroom as a fat woman have lurched from hiding under the covers, to trying too hard, to being completely brazen and letting my inhibitions go. I’ve since (thankfully) learnt that body type is not a prerequisite to sexiness, but the way that you feel about your body is – however that doesn’t stop fat sexuality being somewhat of a taboo subject.

In the last few years there has been an influx of fat visibility, but it seems that the increasingly…

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