2 thoughts on “New chapter

  1. I also had that reaction to Vegucated when I watched it last year. Personally I was most disgusted by the poor treatment that animals get rather than the fact they are killed to eat. Initially I was determined to be vegan but after discussing it with my husband I realised that I’m okay with eating meat if I can be sure beyond reasonable doubt of where it has come from, how it has been treated and how it was killed… It means that we don’t eat much meat, in fact we go months without it, because higher welfare meat comes at a price, but it is worth it for the guilt-free enjoyment. But of course, that’s just my view of it! I totally get some people view livestock the same as pets and wild animals etc so they can’t agree with eating them which is up to their individual conscience. And some people can just shut out the realities of the impact of irresponsible farming so they don’t have an issue with eating whatever meat – which is their prerogative, but I try not to give that too much thought so I don’t get judgemental! Especially cause many years ago I went vegetarian and then stopped when it got hard to maintain so I’ve got no freeness of speech! Anyway this is getting rambley. Happy meat-free living!

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