Crapping your pants 

Isn’t crapping your pants out at work the best? Being in a bathroom at the farthest stall in the facility making sure your stink and noise doesn’t bother too many other people in the bathroom is a task in itself. I have no idea what I ate that could’ve given me such pain and discomfort. I’ve been gluten free for about a month, maybe some secretly got into me? Or maybe it’s dairy who knows! 

It’s frustrating being that person with celiac disease, always worrying about what you are eating and whether or not you’ll end up shitting your pants. I miss the days where I could eat what I wanted and not have to pay for it on the toilet later.

I miss soft luscious bread and crackers and all that good shit that has gluten in it. Although I’m finally taking care of my body, it still sucks to know that I have to be extra careful for the rest of my life or I have to run to the damn bathroom before literally crapping my pants. 

I wonder if people think I just don’t like being at my desk today because I’ve literally gotten up to crap two times already in the last hour and a half. I just want to be like,”No I’m not being lazy, I have Celiac Disease and I’m crapping my pants.” 

I’m sorry if my choice of words do not sit well with any of you readers but this is how my mind and body is currently feeling. 


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