I’ve been away & My experience with a Beachbody Coach

Hello readers,

I’m so happy to be back writing on here seeing as I’ve been MIA forever.  I’ve been doing my Tumblr thing and just writing here and there but I’m back for good.  I missed actually writing and people actually reading what I had to say.  So I passed all of my finals and got my associates degree, woohoo!  I started a new job (same company just a new position) and couldn’t be happier.  I work full time now so that is a little hard to get used too, but I am waking up at 5am just fine and getting my work done!

Moving onto my experience with a Beachbody Coach, for those of you who don’t know what Beachbody is, it is a fitness and healthy company that produces workout DVDs such as P90x, Insanity, and the 21 Day Fix along with their shake called Shakeology and other “nutritious” food options. Recently I created a fitness IG (if you want to follow me my username is jaeysjourney), on my IG journey I have “met” some incredibly healthy and inspiring people.  I was approached by this pretty young lady, we will call her Alice, and she started to tell me about how she coaches people and helps them better themselves for free and I thought wow..that is a good deal.  Getting into it more she started to ask me about who I am and what not and then soon after she asked me if I wanted to join her challenge on Facebook. However, to join I would have to pay $140 dollars for this shake called Shakeology and this plan called the 21 Day Fix. Well, I know that these are Beachbody products and I thought to myself why wouldn’t she just say she is a Beachbody coach? Probably because Beachbody is a damn pyramid scheme but at the time I didn’t know better and I thought why not, wouldn’t hurt to give these products a try and I know some people who love them.  I order my 21 Day Fix and soon after Alice asks me if I want to be a part of this “Coaches Sneak Peak” group to learn about coaching.  I didn’t know what it entailed and not that I really wanted to be a coach but I was curious so I signed up.  Right away she starts talking about not “selling” these products but showing the customer that they NEED them.  Everything she had to say just reminded me of how much I hate sales and it is clear that she and her “team” are  more focused on the commission rather than actually helping people.

I ended up finishing the videos and realized that I did NOT want to support this company or this woman. She appeared to be genuine but ended up being a sales chaser, like okay lady, I have two years of sales experience and I HATE sales, let me repeat, I HATE SALES.  I was disappointed to say the least but I just couldn’t justify buying these products from her so I told her that I had to return what I bought and that I already got the refund process going through Beachbody’s website well, let me tell you the attitude came out of dear Alice slowly but surely.  At first she was a bit bitter then offered me a job as a coach under her so I can make extra money and when I kindly told her no that I wasn’t interested she said that I wasn’t making enough out of myself and that she will find better candidates to take her offer.  I promise you I wasn’t offended.  I am 21 years old, work full time, have an associates degree, and I am a photographer.  I don’t need someone to tell me my worth whatsoever. I have come a long way as many of my readers know and what someone has to say about me or think about me does NOT define me.

After that fiasco I was sad because I know lately I’ve been slacking on my food tracking and motivation and I just wanted SOMETHING other than calorie counting to hold me accountable and help me keep track of my food intake.  I follow this incredible young woman named Amanda Tyson (IG: Amandaleetyson please go follow her!) she just started Weight Watchers Online Plus plan and seriously raves about it and how flexible it is.  This is where I fail during the week: I’m usually spot on with all my food and workouts but come the weekends I don’t know how to treat myself without over-indulging and ruining my progress.  Well, WW has these plus points that you can use to treat yourself throughout the week or weekend which will definitely help me find that balance. Also, fruits and veggies are freebies I don’t have to worry about eating a banana or too many strawberries because they are added to my point allowance already! I thought that was pretty neat.

I’m trying it out and I’m eager to see how it will work for me, it syncs with my Fitbit Charge HR and as I get more active throughout the day or when I exercise it adds points for me to eat so I’m not starving myself.  I will do an update a week from tomorrow to tell you how WW Online and me are getting along.

I’m so happy to be back and to share my life with you all again.