Big things

I’ve been gone for some time now, not really writing, not really doing anything. I’ve been in this unmotivated funk for awhile, what actually seems like forever and not only do I believe that the winter season brings me down, but also myself. I’ve bene standing in my own way and I’ve been allowing my laziness cloud my judgement on many things. Recently I have signed a lease for an art studio in Lowell, MA at the Western Avenue Studios and I am so excited to get my photography business up and running and possibly selling some of my paintings. So, it is time to get my shit together. No more screwing around and not having my priorities in order. I am someone who needs a plan, something laid out for me to understand and grasp. I hate feeling like I have no direction or control in my life and lately that is exactly what has been happening but no more.

I’ve updated my photography website so please check it out if you have a minute, I promise to be blogging more, sometimes life just drowns me and I can’t swim to the top.