Another day goes by

Do you ever get stuck in that same routine day in and day out? Wake up, school/work, gym, homework/other duties, go to bed and repeat. It is exhausting and discouraging at the same time. You lose yourself when you get into ruts like that, and that is where I am at ladies and gents.

It has been some time since I’ve blogged here, why you may ask? Well, Tumblr has taken over my blogging life because the activity is constant and the pictures are awesome, you can find me by my username if you wish to follow me (jaeybird). Although I love Tumblr, WordPress will always be my first love. I find that on here I can just write, and we all know that is something I love to do.

As I was saying, I find that when the winter comes and we are strapped to our homes and other obligations, life seems to just pass us by with no excitement or adventure. I am all about adventures and to be home bound most of my free time is really putting a damper on my mentality. Thankfully spring has arrived even though here in New England it doesn’t seem that way just yet. I am hopeful that with the nicer weather I will be able to just pick up my camera and explore once again. Or take my workouts outside on the trails and just enjoy the nature around me. I think that is where I find myself, being outside surrounded by grass, blue skies, and sunshine. Being able to ground myself and remind myself of how lucky I am for the life I live is essential and lately I haven’t been able to grasp that. I’ve been rundown, always tired and content and I’m sick of feeling that way. I refuse to continue this mindset.


6 thoughts on “Another day goes by

  1. Wish the best for you. Randomly going through blogs trying to get a feel for this wordpress community, New England got wrecked this year with snow but I guess you don’t need me to tell you that. I get pretty down in the winter too, hope you can find yourself out of your rut by re-discovering your vitality in your passions. Hate to feed any negative feedback loop but I know that feeling of everyday feeling exactly the same, and it reminded me of that Nine Inch Nails song Everyday is Exactly the Same, though I don’t know if that song’s the best thing to listen to when you’re in that mode. Your writing style’s easy for me to empathize with, I decided to follow. If you ever feel like checking my blog out too it would be much appreciated, not many posts up yet. A follow would be fantastic haha but yeah really I just wish you the best of luck with everything fellow blogger.

    Another song I really like that’s more positive is ‘You Gotta Be’ by Des’ree, I try to reserve it for moments where things don’t feel so good for me. Apologize for the long comment but I’m very familiar with that sort of malaise, hope you feel better 🙂

      1. No problem at all! Very easy for me to empathize, hope you begin to feel better as we enter the heart of spring. And thank you so much for the follow! Cheers and have a great day!! 🙂

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