Fitness Fridays: Why I Love Yoga

Happiness for the Half-assed

Hey hey!

It seems these days that you can’t throw a stone without hitting a yoga enthusiast. I am one of them. Here’s why:

Toning: Something about spending an hour and a half upside down really does it for the arm muscles. Now, I have no scientific figures on how targeted a workout yoga is for the muscles, but my arms sure do feel thoroughly worked-out afterwards.

Calming: You’ve probably been told it a million times already but seriously, yoga is sssoooooo relaxing. I swear, the best night’s sleep I’ll ever get is after a yoga sesh.

Stress Management: Similar, but different, to my last point. Again, I don’t know what the science behind this one is, but I feel like having to breath steadily while doing all these different poses trains you to be more calm when in stressful times in real life.

Banish Back Pain: At the tender…

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