Positive minds achieve positive results

Alright alright, how many of us make plans to lose weight, get a six pack, or eat healthier, but to only find us a week later skipping the gym and shoveling a tub of ice cream down our throats, we’ve all been there. Look at me for instance, in 2012 I lost a good amount of weight and got down to my smallest size ever only to gain all of my lost weight back and then some only a year and a half later. Granted, the first time I lost weight it was very unhealthy, restrictive, and I was dealing with my eating disorder but it is still disappointing to achieve weight loss then gain it all back and then some. Many of you have followed me since day one and you have seen my constant battle with losing weight but I’m doing it differently this time. I am actually enjoying the process. I wake up ready to get my workout in and eat my good food that I have prepared to mow down on. Yes, I have been indulging a more than I probably should be lately but I’m finding my way by creating a balance that is allowing me to see the progress I want through cardio and weight lifting, while also enjoying drinks with friends and queso dip at the local Mexican restaurant. I’m telling myself that come summer time I won’t be ashamed or uncomfortable in shorts and a bathing suit like I was this past summer. I’m telling myself that I am going to be strong, fit, and healthy, because being negative when trying to better your health mentally and physically, you are just setting yourself up for failure.

I’m sick of ruining my progress and mindset by being negative. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE! Negativity never got anyone anywhere and I have finally figured that out. I’ve become a much more positive person and many people in my life know that to be true. We all know I have my moments and doubts and have my own demons to deal with but I’m doing the best with what I’ve got. I have no intentions of stopping my weight loss journey, nor do I have any intentions of not enjoying life. This weekend I am going out with friends and most likely I will drink too much but I will be laughing and living because that is what were supposed to do, live. I am making sure that this week however, is filled with good workouts and good food so I can in fact enjoy myself and not ruin the progress I am making. BALANCE. That is the key word in the equation when it comes to living a healthy life or if you are trying to lose weight. You won’t change over night and restricting your diet and working out for hours is only going to run you and your progress right into the ground. Being motivated is great, but being smart about the process is even more vital. I’ve been down the road where you restrict and restrict and you are miserable. You avoid going out because you don’t want to be put in a situation where you might have to eat badly or be faced with temptation, I get it, believe me. But rather looking as these situations negatively, see them as an opportunity to continue to choose healthy choices. Just because you are going out with friends doesn’t mean you have to eat pizza too. Or rather, eat a slice of pizza and enjoy it you just don’t need to eat the whole thing. I get frustrated when I see young girls or even girls my age trying to lose weight and they label all food as bad. NO FOOD IS BAD. That is right, pizza isn’t bad for you, cookies aren’t bad for you, they should be consumed in moderation yes, but they shouldn’t be labeled “bad”. We have formed this misconception that sugary and salty foods are going to ruin our diets and make us fat and yes, in some ways if they are consumed in large and frequent amounts they can cause those things. But, if you eat a balanced diet and you incorporate foods such as those you get to still enjoy the foods you love while also creating better eating habits. Moderation has been a hard idea for me to understand and live by and there are some days where
I’ll eat a whole tub of gluten free cookie dough but instead of beating myself up about it I just go extra hard at the gym or eat a better dinner. I’m sick of making myself feel bad when I enjoy good things in life, especially food.

I want you to join this journey with me on living a more healthy and positive life because it is important to remain focused and light hearted. Like I’ve said in my past I don’t know, three blog posts, 2015 is going to be my year, but it’s also going to be YOURS!


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