Renaming your Photos on Import with Adobe Lightroom

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Developing a file structure is one of the first steps in creating your workflow. Whether you’re using Lightroom to manage your library or Bridge to view folders of photos, it’s much easier to find a specific photo if you use a descriptive filename.

In my personal workflow, I include the date, project name, and image number. So for example: 2014-09-16_ND_Scout_0001.nef

Most everything I shoot is on one day. However, if you’re shooting for multiple days, with multiple cameras on larger shoots, then I recommend you include that information too. That would look like this:


Adobe Lightroom offers a really easy way to rename your photos on import.

Step 1: File Renaming Panel

Inside the Lightroom import window, open the File Renaming panel on the right side. Put a check where it says Rename Files.

Step 2: Use Templates

We can choose one of Lightroom’s built-in templates…

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