Jess goes gluten free: day 4

Hello readers,

Today is my fourth day on gluten free and since Monday I’ve lost three pounds! Yesterday was the holiday and yet again I stayed right on track and stuck with meat, potatoes, and vegetables. It feels good to clean my body out and to replenish it with good foods. I’ve noticed too that since going gluten free I am not eating as much junk, if any, and I’m consuming much more fruits and vegetables. This morning I meal planned after I ate breakfast (gluten free waffles!) by making a baby spinach salad with gluten free chicken tender strips, tortilla strips, and Annie’s lite Goddess dressing, along with a gluten free cookie because who doesn’t love cookies?

I’m still logging my food in my fitness pal because even gluten free junk food doesn’t mean they are freebies to just eat as many as I want. I still want to stay mindful because I still have goals that I want to reach. I’m hopeful to meet my goal of fitting into my size 4 jeans by March, possibly even hit my goal weight of 125lbs. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t truly care how much I weigh because at the gym I lift weights and am building muscle so, if I weigh 130-135lbs but am primarily muscle that is definitely okay with me. I miss wearing my size fours though, or at least feeling comfortable in my smaller clothes. For a long time I let myself pack on the pounds and became depressed because of it. I’m not a big person, I am about 5’1 maybe a little shorter, so being 155lbs is a lot on a little body such as mine. I’ve been here before too, I’ve let weight creep on me and then restricted and punished myself till I lost the weight again, but this time around it is much different.

Rather than being angry with myself I have accepted that life happens and the only thing that will make it change is if I work hard and reward myself along the way. So, when I lost my first five pounds I got my nails done, when I lose ten maybe I’ll get a pedicure or something. I’m doing this the healthy and positive way, I will not restrict myself (unless it has gluten obviously) and I will continue to persevere because no one is going to lose this weight for me. I am so motivated and confident in what my body can accomplish. Also, this time around I am much more educated on nutrition and fitness which I think is extremely beneficial because I know what I need to fuel my body to get a proper workout in and how to prevent injury in the gym.

I’m happy. Sure, I’m not always but when it comes to this particular aspect in my life I am truly happy and pleased with my progress thus far. Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive and commenting on my posts, it truly means so much. Happy Friday everyone!


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