Jess goes gluten free: day 1

So, I’ve decided to give this whole gluten free thing a try. The past year or so I’ve realized that I am constantly tired, my stomach has been acting up with everything that I eat, and as you all know my anxiety has just been beating me senseless lately. Having a gluten free diet is supposed to help the ailments that I have been experiencing, along with this strange rash and dry skin that I’ve been getting all over my body. I decided that I’m going to document my progress day by day to monitor how I am feeling emotionally, physically, and how I’m doing in terms of not eating pizza, bread, and chips. I’m definitely hitting the grocery store on my way home later to get some snacks and gluten free noms so I’m prepared to face this head on.

I guess I’m more worried about going out to eat and having to be that person who asks the server a million questions about their food and how it is prepared, I hate being that person. But, I guess you gotta do watcha gotta do right? I’m glad I have supportive people in my life though, my mom definitely number one she always has my back. My good friend Jesenia told me that if we went out to eat she would eat gluten free with me too so I wouldn’t have to look at all the delicious food I can’t eat which although I would NEVER let her do that, it is the thought that counts and I am so very grateful. I feel like with a good support team and staying on track of meal planning and what not I can definitely do this. I just need to remind myself of why I’m doing it in the first place. I literally would try anything to get a hold on my mental health and physical health again and I’m really hopeful that this will work.


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