Law of Attraction

A good friend of mine introduced me to the Law of Attraction through this documentary called The Secret. At first I was skeptical, thinking that there is no way you can just think something over and over again and have it happen, life isn’t THAT magical. However, what I’ve gathered from the Law of Attraction is that it is a way of viewing the world, or your life rather, promoting positivity and confidence in your life which I think is something we should all practice. So, starting the other day I’ve implemented periods of time throughout my day where I sit, close my eyes, and envision what I want from life, telling myself that it WILL happen, and that my life WILL fall where I want it to fall, and that is something I believe to be very beneficial to my mentality. Even if something I want or think doesn’t happen EXACTLY the way I want it too, I am happy that I am telling myself each day that today will be a good day, I will be productive, I will smile and as a result of that, I will be successful, and things in my life will happen because I want them too.  

It is definitely a cool documentary to watch and it gets your mind going, it ties this idea back to religion and how praying to God is just this secret masked with a “face” to the name so to speak, and it is mind blowing when you link the two together and think how this could actually happen, our thoughts CAN turn into things that can happen in real life. Dreams, aspirations, anything that you desire can happen if you just think about it often, think of yourself with that thing in your life or achieving that goal, and you are almost subconsciously giving yourself the drive to achieve it whether you realize it or not and that is incredible in itself. I think that this idea is something that promotes healthy and happy thoughts and I believe that it is something that can greatly benefit people, you may not even want to tell yourself that you’ll have the newest iPhone, or that the guy who is in your history class will be your boyfriend, but rather just waking up each day and telling yourself that you are happy, that you WILL be happy and successful because that is what YOU choose to do is a great way to take advantage of the Law of Attraction. I deeply recommend that you watch the documentary on Netflix or even YouTube and see what it is all about, it will enlighten you.


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