Lets talk sexism

Yes, I am a feminist, but I believe in equal rights for both men AND women, because one should not be looked at as better than the other or more important because although women have faced discrimination since the dawn of time, there are still those rare instances where men can face sexism as well.

Anyways, a good friend of mine in high school was in a male dominant shop, as was I. Being in an environment where men are “dominant” and testosterone fills the air of the garage or shop area, it can be intimidating. It wasn’t easy for either for us to work alongside men who knew what they were doing and being new to the trade, we obviously were still learning and growing but were looked at as weak and stupid. Talk about a low blow to self esteem right? Sure, I don’t know everything there is to know about cars and trucks, but I know more than most, my friend can rewire a house, how cool is that? Not most women can and to have gone through the ordeal of being looked down upon and underestimated, but then coming out on top is a stellar victory.

However, there will always be that person, usually a man, who belittles accomplishments such as those because they still believe that we live in the middle ages and that women should take care of the home and not make anything of themselves, well, that is some horse shit because back in the forties, women were working as machinists, mechanics, hell they were even pilots, look at Amelia Earhart for godsake. For some time now, women have been slowly moving into male dominant roles, we’ve made great strides and are making a change, and for a man to view that as uncomfortable to accept is just…sickening. I would NEVER let anyone, especially a man, tell me what I can or can’t do, especially when it comes to my passions or profession, who are you to say that what I do isn’t good enough or intelligent enough. Knowing that this man said to her, that her dreams and aspirations to be an electrician or mechanic are untouchable and unrealistic, is something that someone with a closed mind and insecurities would say.

I hope that if any women who work in a male dominant workplace, knows that they are beautiful, talented, smart, and strong, and that no man or even woman who doubt the power of determination can take away the accomplishments that have been made.

I am proud to say that I spent two and a half years in a shop where I learned more than I thought I ever could and although I don’t heavily practice what I learned, I still have that knowledge, I still know how to change my oil, replace my brakes, and know what is wrong with my car when I hear a mysterious ticking or grinding in the front end and no one can take that away from me. 

Shame on him for putting down someone so strong and courageous, I like to believe that karma will be coming for him, that one day when he can’t wire his own damn house that she shows up and puts that ignorant snake in his damn place and then he will realize that gender does not matter when it comes to drive and intelligence.

Sexism is something that we will always have to face, no matter how much time has passed, men will always look at women as inadequate or incapable of being independent and I know that not EVERY man feels that way, but these are the facts of life, but I urge women to take a stand for yourself when you are faced with sexism, stand your ground because you are worth it.


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