Yoga and Bilbo Baggins

This time last year I was really getting into yoga, I was picking up on deals for unlimited yoga for thirty dollars or ten dollars for ten days of unlimited yoga but trying to fit as much yoga as I could into my busy schedule was hard but I fell in love, especially with restorative classes. Sure, hot yoga is great along with vinyasa flow, or any other yoga but restorative classes really helped my anxiety and body, I was hooked. Sadly, the cost of yoga is very expensive, one hundred dollars for a month of yoga is just too much for a college student or even five classes for seventy dollars is a lot so these deals are great, however, another sad aspect is that they are new student specials that you can only get once and I happened to fall in love with the studio near my house. I decided the other day that I was going to pay the fifteen dollars per class fee to take this awesome restorative class with this instructor that I thought was incredible, she was very helpful and kind and I knew that this was the studio I belonged in! Sure, I can’t afford to go everyday or even once a week for that matter but once or twice a month while doing yoga on my own at home while also meditating I feel will be very beneficial for my mental and physical health. 

I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately, like I can’t catch my breath or relax for more than five minutes and the last two mornings I’ve meditated with this app called, “Headspace” where for ten days and for ten minutes each day you meditate and are guided through a very relaxing session. I’ve been trying to better my life by limiting the “indulgences” so to speak to just weekends, and really focusing on my body and mind, realizing that my body is a temple that needs to be taken care of and respected, and yoga has always done that for me. It allows me to challenge myself and clear my mind of all the bullshit that gets stuck in there. I’ve just been reflecting on the past and I know I shouldn’t live there because it is not like I can change anything, I need to move on and realize that life has bigger and better plans for me, and it does, I know that and I just need to keep reminding myself that. I’m hopeful that by treating my mind and body better I’ll be able to move past it all and continue my life, “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” Like Bilbo Baggins says in the LOTR, that is the perfect way to describe how I’ve been feeling everyone wants to get together or go here or there or talk and I just sort of want to lock myself in my room and tell everyone to leave me alone for a few days but I also know that will drive me just as nuts. I’m really a complicated person, I haven’t really realized that up until recently but I guess that is just who I am and I need to accept that too. 


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