Time is a crazy concept

It’s so strange to think how different my life was a year ago, or rather two years ago. Granted I’m not always happy or positive, but compared to a different time in my life, I’ve recovered so much from my depression and eating disorder. I used to wake up hating myself, literally wishing that the pain would just stop. Sure, depression doesn’t just vanish, and it’s something I deal with everyday, but I deal with it in a much healthier way. I write, paint, take pictures, workout, and express myself in ways I never did before. Yes, I rant on Facebook about how the world and media are ruining our minds and I probably sound crazy, but I challenge myself mentally to come to those conclusions and I stay active because it makes me happy. I’m proud of myself, and although I’ve gained weight, and have been letting loose a little too often, I still push forward and do the best I can and that’s all I can ask for.


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