When life gets in the way

I feel that a lot of people say that “Life got in the way, that is why we haven’t spoke in a long time” or “Life prevented me from doing this or that” people just never take the fall for their own actions so it seems. I’ve used life as an excuse and sure, it is easy to blame our own faults on such a beautiful, timeless, and natural occurrence. It is as if we take our lives for granted, we don’t appreciated what it has to offer anymore and it is sad to think that as humans, we take advantage of the beauties that life gives us each day. I don’t like to preach because I have found that people tend to get annoyed when I remind them to be grateful for the simplicity in their life because there are those people in this world who can’t even do that because of poverty, government control, or inequality, along with other countless reasons. Why dwell on the little things that upset us? Why blame life for all of the misfortunes in our life when we are the ones who have the power to decide how we react to every situation. Life, is an opportunity to make something great of ourselves, why not take those necessary steps by realizing that we can’t control everything, nor should we. Being in control all the time is hard and is too much work, why not let life take the reins and just sit back, relax, and smile because you are alive, don’t use life as an excuse for bad behavior or obstacles that you are too afraid to face, man up, take the bull by the horns, and cut the bullshit.