I eat when I’m stressed

I don’t deny it, nor will I ever. I know I’m an emotional eater, most people are. When I’m stressed, it calms me down. Sure, it isn’t the BEST stress reliever and sometimes I just feel worse after but sometimes in life, all you need is a good snack, so, I did just that. 

I went to CVS across the street from work and bought a Butterfinger (which I was NEVER crazy about) and some CVS brand chex mix, and it is delicious and I don’t feel bad about it. Sometimes pleasure food really does soothe the soul and I do feel a bit better. I do still kinda wanna hide in a closet for a few days till I calm down but, we can’t just run away from our problems even though we might desire to do so. I just feel like there isn’t enough time, not enough spare moments and appreciate and that drives me nuts. I HATE feeling like I’m running around and never get a chance to just slow down. Maybe that is why I’ve been so tired lately, maybe me feeling so anxious and spread too thin is what’s wearing me out. I wish I was one of those people who don’t stress out easily, I’m like a walking, talking, stress ball all the time it feels like and it does weigh me down, I hate that, I absolutely hate that about my anxiety. I wish I could turn it all off and just be calm, cool, and collected ya dig? 


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