Where the wind will blow, we may never know.

Where the wind will blow, we may never know.

A constant question, a perpetual itch, something we can never foresee.

We become comfortable in a place in time, convincing ourselves that this is how it will be forever.

Then, the howling of the wind starts to echo in our minds, we feel the direction changing.

“Where will it take me this time?” We ask ourselves, trying to prepare our ever changing views on life, hoping that where we are going we won’t leave again, but we always do, don’t we?

That is the bigger question isn’t it? Each time life portrays itself as a constant, it shifts it’s gears and moves us towards a place we never imagined we would end up, throwing us mentally off balance.

We are never in the same place, our thoughts are always changing, in unison with the winds of change. 

Each time we think we are prepared and focused, we’re not, how can we be? That is the whole point of fate and time, to always keep us on our toes, to challenge us. 

The idea of not knowing is what destroys us, it eats at our nosy subconscious, we may not even know that we are in fact fighting the shifting plates of the universe, but we are, every day. 

That is the trials and tribulations we face in life, the unknown, the wandering, and the points in which we feel as if we have settled, but we are never settled. Life always has something up it’s sleeve, waiting to establish itself as the Game Master, and us, the player. We can never be one step ahead of this changing wind, because it is always there, always knowing, and always prepared to shock us back into the reality we are faced with. 


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