Making weight loss “stick”

Such great ideas and motivation!

I can't afford to be fat

I have recently become obsessed with Erin Condren planners. I was originally introduced to her Teacher Planners and fell in love. It was perfect for planning with multiple preps and it actually made me EXCITED about planning…which is HUGE for me. Usually around this point in the summer, I’m crying in my bed, mourning the end of the summer.

I joined several Facebook groups that were geared purely towards Erin Condren planners. I was amazed that this world had been going on around me and I had been oblivious. Stickers! Washi Tape! Custom Etsy listings! Wow!!

Like I said. Obsessed. Or as a I recently told someone…I’m in deep.

I dove in, headfirst. And I’m really excited because I have some awesome WEIGHT LOSS tools that I’m hoping will motivate me even further! In my opinion, if you see something everyday, it helps you to be more aware of…

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