And so it begins…

Our plans to go hiking today fell apart because my car decided to fall a part last night, I was looking forward to cleansing my mind and now I’m stuck in my house with nothing to do. All I want to do is just take all this bullshit out of my head and relax and not worry about what life is going to throw at me next. I’ve been doing well at avoiding that idea, the idea that life purposely throws shit at me but today I’m in one of those moods and mindsets, but it is okay because everyone gets down in the dumps, I know it is normal, I’m just bummed I can’t go hiking today, but that won’t stop be from writing or taking pictures, even if they are all of my dog.

Jer wants me to watch this video that goes along with my Nikon D3200, maybe I’ll watch that so I can learn more about my camera and please him. I should probably take notes too because my mind tends to wander and forget, but I think because I am very interested in photography and connect with it, my attention span should be on point, if it was about math though, my attention would be out of the window.

If Dad lets me borrow the truck, maybe I’ll hit the gym tomorrow if my car isn’t done for tomorrow. I think that would really benefit me and my mindset, get me out of this rut. I am determined to have a good and productive weekend, maybe I’ll douche my room and go through all the clutter, maybe move some furniture around, that always makes me happy.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you who have left such kind comments on my blog since I started it over a year ago, it truly touches my heart to know that y’all care about what I have to say and have almost grown with me, thank you again, so much.


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