I’ve been slacking

cropped-10527382_10203597930764576_7407363280461364714_n.jpgThe past week I’ve been dragging ass in reference to taking pictures. I wake up, go to the gym or work, then come home and either go out or stay in. I’m mad at myself, kind of like, dude…you enjoy taking pictures so, why aren’t you taking them? Same with writing, I’ve been slacking with my journal too and the first or second post I did on my blog after my trip was to write daily and take pictures. HELLO JESS! You can say how you want to do all of these things but, you actually HAVE to do them! 

I’m such a goober sometimes, I have all these hopes and dreams and then I get lazy, so lazy. Tomorrow I’m hiking Mount Major with Jese and I’m bringing my damn camera and taking an obnoxious amount of pictures because that is what I enjoy doing. I don’t want to get stale in terms of my creativity, I don’t want to fall back into this life where I wake up, work, and go to bed. No, life has so much more to offer than that. I need to capture it’s beauty through the lens and write how it has affected me in my journal, or let it inspire a poem or short story, something to get my artistic juices flowing.

I miss Italy where everything was so beautiful, and capturing it made it much more exciting, whether it was taking a picture or taking in my surroundings and writing, I felt so relaxed and at peace with myself. Here it’s hard with all the commotion and distractions such as work and other priorities, but hobbies and things such as photography and writing have to be priorities as well, especially since they give me such happiness.

I’ve somewhat gotten back in the gym since I’ve been back, even though I was sick I still pushed through and kicked butt because I know how happy it makes me. Since I haven’t been sleeping well I’ve been choosing sleep over the gym but I am one hundred percent okay with that because I need sleep to function! Also, I’ve been doing pretty well with eating too so I’m confident that I’m on the right track and tomorrow’s hike will be a bunch of fun and challenging. I look forward to mentally and physically pushing myself because sometimes that is what you need to rise above all the outside bullshit, and the bullshit in your own mind. 



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