A brighter day

Today is much brighter. I woke up knowing today was a brand new day and I could make of it what I wanted. Although things aren’t perfect, I don’t expect them to be because life isn’t meant to be put together all the time. The past few days I’ve sort of locked myself in my room, especially yesterday, I laid in bed all day until the evening and even then I was just too mentally and physically tired to get up. I don’t want that to be my life, I don’t want to stay in the house all summer and not experience life and not that I haven’t been, I just have to drag myself out of the house to do it.

I find that I am really pushing myself out of my comfort zone when I do that. Before, I would refuse any get together with my friends or even new people because I just felt too anxious and let myself feel too tired to go out but this time around I’m making myself feel uncomfortable because the feeling after you do is so incredible. I feel stronger, empowered, and released of all extra anxious baggage, I’m proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished in my life especially the last year. 

This summer I am taking every advantage I can to explore, whether it is an hours drive or right down the street. I’m not missing any moment that can be taken advantage of and learned. I woke up today knowing that it was going to be good whether or not I just went to work and came home or went out with my friends or whatever, just telling myself it will be a good day puts me in the right mindset to make such a day. 


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