Life is beautiful

Lately I’ve been reflecting on how incredible life is. It has so much to offer, so many things to see and grab for the taking. It is mind blowing to know that there are so many possibilities that we can take advantage of whether it is relationships, hobbies, or different professions. If you change your way of looking at life with a more positive spin, it is earth shattering how upside down but fulfilling it can look.

Prior to this revelation, I looked at life as a constant battle, something that had to be overcome and it weighed on me greatly. By starting amateur photography on my own time and writing each day, I’ve really seen how beautiful and simple life can be. Flowers, flags, old buildings, and people are some of the many subjects that can be captured and can display how diverse this world is through a lens and what you make of it is up to you. Writing is a great outlook, especially for someone like me who never stops analyzing situations, writing down my thoughts or writing a poem has really helped me discover my mood patterns and how my mind tends to work and what makes it tick. It is incredible how the little things can make us most happy, for me, having good friends, a loving family, and love for myself has allowed me to reflect more often on how the universe works. What you put in is what you get out of it so it seems.

Sure, not everything in life is going to be great or positive but it is how we react to these things is what counts in my opinion. Rather than looking at life as something that continuously throws obstacles our way, we can learn from these hardships and reflect on them not in a negative way but use it as a positive experience. Finding the good in the bad is what creates equilibrium in this crazy life.
7514 Close Up Flower Winnie


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