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It amazes me how time and circumstances change the dichotomy of “family”.  We can be related to someone by blood…DNA linking us together forever, whether we want it to or not.  When there is one person who’s existence holds it all together, like Elmer’s glue that seemingly holds together a popsicle stick house, and then they’re gone, the glue starts to dry up, begins to flake, and the popsicle stick house begins to collapse, now ruined.

Then there are “friends”…those people that are not tied to us in any genetic fashion, and yet, they are always there for us at the drop of a hat…no questions asked.  Some friends come and go, a lesson learned whether you think there was or not.  I believe that the people who come into and/or leave our lives are meant to do so.  It’s part of our individual plan and the experience of that…

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