What now?

Since I’ve been home, many people have asked me how did Italy change you? Do you feel like you’ve found yourself? What are your plans now? Well, to be honest, I don’t have a plan. I have ideas, goals, and a more positive outlook but not so much a plan. 

Things I want to do:

Take pictures


Continue writing every day

Those three things are what will continue to motivate and inspire me. I find that I can express and challenge myself through those things, being one with nature is something that I’ve always known but until going to Italy and hiking Cinque Terre and experiencing the rustic side to Tuscany, I didn’t know how much of an impact it actually has. 

I find myself reflecting a lot on Thoreau’s Walden, although I’ve read it through and through, I’m reading it once more to really connect with it. Reading it again is allowing myself to experience Walden from a more grounded point of view. This summer I want to visit Walden Pond and see where Thoreau spent his time and where he found himself, partially anyway. 

I think this summer is a lot about soul searching as Italy was, I have these ideas and wants that I know could help fulfill myself. I want to continue these plans because I receive happiness from it, I’m happy because I am doing it for myself, not because someone else is doing it for me. Never did I think that I would be happy without a plan or guidance, but I am.

I’ve come a long way, those of you who have read my posts from the start know that. You all know my struggles and understand where I’ve come from. It makes me happy that I’ve risen above the negativity in my life and that I’ve bettered myself. Although it has been a bumpy road, I know that I’ve succeeded. 


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