I’m getting overwhelmed…

Usually when I’m overwhelmed I am focused on ONE emotion and ONE sad idea that would bring me to the idea of being overwhelmed. Well folks, this is ground breaking news: I am overwhelmed by many emotions in reference to my trip to Italy in two weeks. In less than sixteen days I will be traveling to the most beautiful country and staying in the most beautiful city. Why am I so overwhelmed? I should be excited, happy, grateful and I am all of those things!

Today at work I’ve been going on Florence University of the Arts website and looking at pictures and reading blogs of students who have stayed there and lived as a study abroad students and it is getting me excited but also sad and nervous. Sad because I am such a mommy and daddy’s girl that it brings tears to my eyes when I think of when I have to say goodbye for three weeks, to them and to Lexi it makes me very very sad. I mean, this is my family, my life, the blood that runs through my veins and the love I have for these people is what makes me who I am. Who will I be without them for three weeks? I think that is what scares me the most is being without Mom, Dad, and Lexi. I love them all so much it pains me to leave but at the same time I am thrilled to go on this adventure and discover parts of me I never knew and learn about Italy and explore! This is an oppritunity of a lifetime and I couldn’t be happier but it is also bittersweet to say goodbye. Not goodbye, more like see you later because I will come back and be home with the ones I love. I know it is only temporary but nonetheless it is still upsetting.

Tears come to my eyes because I am excited, scared, sad, happy, all of the above! Life over there is so much different so it seems and I can’t wait to just put myself into the culture head on and experience it all! I am grateful for this oppritunity and I am also thankful to have these incredible people to call my family.


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