Life is like a roller coaster

Hey all,

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little. Lots of things have been happening like, my temp contract not getting renewed at work, Lexi is on vacation so this week I’m finishing up my last week at my job, writing a research paper on the Watergate Scandal, and doing a whole bunch of stuff before the end of the semester.

My diet hasn’t been too great. I mean, I’ve been slacking in terms of tracking, but recently I reflected back on the macros that Krissy Mae Cagney gave to me a few months ago (my weight hasn’t changed much so they are still the same) and also am starting her  “Intro to Weightlifting” program (I’ve had it for some time but haven’t started it), even though I know my way around the gym in terms of equiptment, exercises, and form knowledge, I just never know how to pair muscle groups together and all that technical hooplah.

I’m really excited because it is four days a week and I can add in my cardio anytime I wish to. I think I’m going to start doing cardio on the row machine to really burn some fat! Today I REALLY hit my macros (so far!) and I even got to eat one of my favorite things, a strawberry frosted donut! It is really awesome to read Krissy’s flexible dieting ebook because she really shows you that you don’t need to restrict yourself and look at food as the enemy, but more so being mindful of everything you put into your body. I’ve never been keen on moderation because with my BED I never knew what that was, but hopefully I can train myself to love all food, keep it in moderation, and still implement healthier foods and exercise!

Keeping motivation and being dilligent is so hard, especially when you deal with an eating disorder barking at you all the time. I WILL survive, I always have, but I will beat ED, I will beat the voice in my head that is my eating disorder and I will show it whose the boss.


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