Whole30 Challenge

Hey all,

SO, we all know I’ve been doing TIU and their 5DSD and to be honest, I just didn’t feel like it was for me. I mean, I felt better in terms of my health and I was sleeping much better but I just feel like there is more I can do to better my health. I was on YouTube looking up “Paleo diet” and found a YouTuber, I believe her name is Tara, and Tara talked about the Whole30 and how she lost twenty pounds in a month and completely changed her health and relationship with food and I though,”wow, I could seriously try that!” My Uncle Steve is a crossfiter who has in the passed been strict Paleo and felt great and looked great! At the gym I lift and do circuit training but I’ve never been consistent I found Nerd Fitness through my Paleo travels and joined their Women 101 program and felt at home, finally! Steve Kamp, the creator of nerd fitness is goofy, friendly, down to earth and posts some awesome information. So, getting back to the Whole30, I’m going to incorporate the Whole30 challenge while doing the workouts from Nerd Fitness. Their workouts incorporate a lot of heavy lifting and circuits and I think that together, I could achieve some great results. I’m reading up on Paleo while I do the Whole30 and I’m going to check in everyday with what I ate and did for workouts. I’m going to do a separate post soon about Nerd Fitness as well! Stay tuned! 




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