The Yummiest Paleo Granola Around

Paleo & Push Ups

Happy Friday everyone! Today has been a marvelous one so far! It is much cooler outside today than it was yesterday thank goodness! Yesterday was hot and humid and I actually had to turn the central air on (gasp!). Before I get to anything though I have to share with you dinner from last night! Paleo pot roast with chunky root vegetables! So unbelievably amazing! I just about had a heart attack yesterday morning because I realized that I forgot to take the roast out of the freezer the night before and it was supposed to slow cook all day! Google to the rescue informing me that I could in fact slow cook a frozen roast but to add on about 3 hours to the total cook time. Conveniently for me I discovered my mistake around 7 am so I got cracking on cutting up veggies and had it going…

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