Homework Hangups and Paleo Days 11 and 12

Paleo & Push Ups

Morning guys!

I was buried underneath a pile of homework yesterday, much like I am going to be today and so I’ll fill you in on the happenings here! Sunday was mostly leftovers except for pancakes of course! This week was apple pie paleo pancakes and can you say holy yum! You fry up apples in a pan and then mix half of it with the batter and then use the other half to make an apple syrup. They were phenomenal! We served bacon and green juice on the side! Yum! The one problem I seem to have with the paleo pancakes is that they are often really runny and my pan cooks too hot so I find them slightly burning on the bottom and then I have to flip them while the top is too runny and that can get kind of messy. But I digress, here’s the awesome…

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