Pizza…Domino’s Pizza.

Here I am working, I just took my dog for a walk and I get back and my mom has ordered my favorite pizza from Domino’s, like really? It sucks working from home because a) my mom orders out and all I want to do his stuff my face b) all I can think about is food. This is the shittiest feeling when trying to lose weight your mood can go from being super positive to hating your life because of the damn pizza. I mean, I just want to lose weight for my trip but I know that I can have things in moderation but I also know that if I have one piece it is going to turn into four and I’m going to feel like lower then whale shit.

I’m trying to push through the urge, it is so hard because your mind just goes to damn food like, why is that? How come food is just SO mind controlling when you need it to survive not for fun. Why do we associate food with emotions, outings, and having fun when in fact, as long as we eat good foods for our bodies we can lose weight, maintain it, gain it whatever but it is in a way that is healthy and satisfying not overbearing. It sucks because Domino’s pizza is my favorite, my absolute favorite and I’d just like to stuff my face right now but I’m not, I’m going to make a cup of tea and be done with it and move on because I can rise above the cravings.


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