Thank you for staring..

Lately I’ve seen a lot of people staring at me, more than usual I guess (this is not a coincided statement this is factual because I have a shaved head and fauxhawk that people tend to stare). Lexi and I go out a lot whether it is to the gym, a store, or just simply out in public and not that I care I mean, we hold hands, we kiss, and love each other but not in that annoying couple way I like to think.

However, I’ve been getting a lot of glares and rude snide comments from people out in public when I ask them questions or address them in anyway whether it is the eye doctor or the librarian at my school. I understand that older generations just don’t understand homosexuality and women who do not conform to “traditional” values and appearances. Yes, I like my short hair and yes I rock it so why must you glare at me like I just drowned a baby in a bath tub?

Sometimes it gets to the point where I just want to wear a hat or grow out my hair, but then sometimes I just laugh and move on because at the end of the day I am very very happy with my life. Things get tough but I have Lexi, my friends, and family to support me and I am loved by many and I love myself or at least I am trying to. I know I shouldn’t let these miserable people keep me down but sometimes it is hard.


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