Starving yourself to be thin?

Lately I’ve been reading and perusing YouTube channels and watching videos and blogs about losing weight 101 and how eating 1000 calories every day PLUS exercising will allow you to lose weight and get the “beach bod” for summer. Around this time is when many people join gyms, purchase P90x and other videos like that, and start utilizing apps like MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, and other food tracker websites. Don’t get me wrong, I use MyFitnessPal to track my food but I don’t starve myself. If I eat a brownie or two…or five, I log it, I don’t pretend I didn’t eat it or work out for six hours to burn them off I mean yeah, sometimes I feel bad but on the other hand, if you restrict the foods you love, you’ll end up binging and beating yourself up about it and weight loss and creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself becomes a hate cycle rather than a positive one. Loving yourself and accepting who you are isn’t easy, many of us know that.

If you are counting calories do not set your goal lower than 1,200 calories. Anything lower than that you are putting your body into starvation mode. Sure, you might lose some weight but you are deteriorating muscle and doing more harm to your body than good. Being able to lose weight and create a healthier way of living begins with accepting who you are before you make those changes. You cannot change who you are for anyone else or for motives other than your own. You are beautiful just the way you are and if you want to change how you look, be positive about it. Remember that at the end of the day, loving your body inside and out is what counts.