Is the semester over yet?

I feel like this semester has been dragging on the past two weeks. I’m exhausted all the time, skipping class, and not going all together. When I wake up, or try to rather, I just feel that I haven’t slept at all when I probably had a healthy range of sleep. It is really frustrating how tired I’ve been…I don’t know if it is because I get seasonal depression, or if I’m just ready to be rejuvenated with the coming of winter break. 

I’m also broke thanks to Christmas and my compulsive shopping problem. In the past two months I’ve racked up about thirteen hundred dollars. It is ridiculous, embarrassing, and stressful. I don’t know how to deal or help a shopping problem, it is tearing me a part and my wallet.

The end of the semester brings a shit ton of work and headaches and not to mention, stress acne. Lots and lots of stress acne. I just wanted to lay in my bed and watch Netflix all day. 

I feel like I’ve been slacking at work too. I work from home with my mom as an admin assistant and I do like my job but I feel like I slack and don’t do the best I can, yanno? It’s like this time of the year I have no motivation to do anything. I just want to snuggle by my electric fire and watch Christmas movies. I’m such a pain in my own ass.


‘Tis the season.


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