Following the “Tone It Up Nutrition Plan”

I’ve been loosely following this plan for a little over the week. I am no cook whatsoever and this plan has A LOT of recipes that I’ve never made before…I guess I get anxiety from cooking because I’m so afraid I’ll fail. My mother laughs at me because she doesn’t understand why cooking “frightens” me as much as it does. I think it has a lot to do with my laziness as well. I’d much rather a burger and fries ordered at the McDonald’s drive thru then take the time to cook, but then again I’d be facing days of inner turmoil because of THAT burger and fries. It is such an odd concept to think of cooking as a gateway to my anxiety.

Anyways, the plan is pretty outlined for the most part but I’m still stuck on what I’m supposed to do for workouts. They have their a.m. “Booty Call” where you can do 15-30 minutes of cardio then later on you are supposed to do (I’m guessing here..) one of their YouTube workout videos once or twice or maybe three times depending on the length of the video but I guess that is where I’m still fuzzy…if anyone follows this plan could you please shed some light on me and my confusion and anxiety of cooking…I’d GREATLY appreciate it! SOS


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