I Feel Sick

I feel sick and over stuffed…I had a binge episode today…and I feel disappointed.

Reasons I binged today:
1. Stressed about money, work, time, my body.
2. Bored and had nothing to do.
3. Overwhelmed by food and my addiction with food.
4. I fed my addiction…

What to do to change my addiction?

Break the habit.


2 thoughts on “I Feel Sick

  1. I can relate. I ate almost 1/2 a bag of tortilla chips today AFTER lunch. Yikes.
    Just drink as MUCH water as you can this evening. Remember, your body can only process so many calories in one sitting. So even if you totally went crazy, chances are your body can’t process more than 50-60% of the calories and the rest will pass out of your system as waste. Just make the rest of your day healthy and focus on flushing out as much of the salt as you can so the scale doesn’t upset you [too much] tomorrow.

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