When you have an addiction to something you quit or try to right? Well, what do you do when you have an addiction to food? You can’t quit eating or you’d die. But what do you do when every time you eat you feel so much despair? Or when you eat you feel so damn fat and disgusting?

I don’t only binge but I have no self control when there is good in front of me or no willpower to choose a healthier option. I’m seriously at my wits end.


2 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. The hardest thing about having an eating disorder is that you can never get away from it. If you are an alcoholic, you can swear off of wine/beer/liquor and never touch it again. Life can go on. With a food addiction, you face your vice over and over and over again. Will power only lasts so long. Hunger pangs can only be ignored to a point. I feel your pain. Understand, though, that it gets easier. I’ve gotten very good about stocking “healthy” foods every where I go. Raw almonds, kale chips, baby carrots – I’m like a hamster with these suckers. I have them stored at my friends’ house, my job, and even when I go to the movies. If you PREPARE for the challenge of your addiction, it becomes *slightly* easier to face it. It never stops being a struggle, though.

    1. You are right…if I set myself up for failure I WILL fail…being more positive and paving the way for success by preparing snakcs and such will DEFINITELY help me, thanks again!

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