Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

I’ve always wanted to be that “tiny girl”. Although I’m 5ft nothing and about 143 pounds…I’m not “large and in charge” by any means but, I’ve always wanted to be that petite girl. 


I know it sounds pathetic and to be honest I have NEVER been this honest with myself about how I TRULY feel about my body. Don’t get me wrong I love my curves and that I can fill out my clothes, but sometimes I wish that I had started taking care of my body years ago and I wouldn’t be in this mess.


Also, I believe that if I had a healthier relationship with my body I wouldn’t feel so down and out about it. I’m working hard and trying to keep a level head with my eating right and exercising but I WANT RESULTS! I know that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and that in time things will happen when they are supposed too.

I hope that if I keep trying to stay positive and be proud of what I’m doing then I’ll be okay with the slow results…as long as I get them right?


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